One-day training on Interactive Inspection Report Monitoring System (IIRMS) Portal of Accountant General (Audit) Manipur

    • Start Date : 28/01/2020
    • End Date : 28/01/2021
    • Venue : Conference Hall of Accountant General, Manipur

    One-day training on Interactive Inspection Report Monitoring System (IIRMS) was held at the Conference Hall of Accountant General, Manipur on 17/01/2020. IIRMS is an online Application developed by NIC Manipur which will facilitate the Audit process of AG (Audit) in accountable and transparent manner. The Office of the Accountant General (Audit) will upload the inspection Reports at the IIRMS portal and the respective Clients (Departments, PSUs. Societies, Corporations, LB, etc under the Govt. of Manipur) will be able to access the reports. They will upload compliance towards the audit Paras. Office of PAG(Audit), Manipur will review and drop the Para once the compliance report is satisfactory otherwise the process will continue again. Officiating the workshop, Senior DAG Shri Mohd Parwej Alam thanks NIC Manipur for successfully developing the online application. He further adds that with the rapid advancement of the computerized system and internet facility, the users want an advanced, time saving and paperless system in which IRs could be forwarded to the concerned office(s) and the corresponding reply be furnished to the audit office for further examination and settlement of audit paras without unnecessary delay taken by the traditional method of sending documents offline. Further, these important documents could be saved in the server/cloud so that it can be retrieved anytime by anyone easily.
    The workshop was attended by all the Assistant Audit Officers, Audit Officers and Sr. Audit Officers of the O/o PAG (Audit), Manipur.


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